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Tesla's Virtual Power Plant Collaboration with SA Gov announced Sunday...

But you may have missed the news. Anyone typing Tesla into Google over the last few days would, no doubt, have received a plethora of information about a car being launched into space and its onward journey to Mars.

Meanwhile on page 5 of Google's search results was an announcement of potentially global significance for energy production; a collaboration between the South Australian Government and Tesla to create a distributed generation and storage network with the ability to deliver dispatchable, clean energy, at much lower consumer cost than grid prices.

"Wait," I hear you say,"isn't this just a a re-branding of Solar Leasing with storage?"

Yes and no. A virtual power plant is created by a network of domestic solar photovoltaic and battery systems all generating, storing and feeding energy back into the grid. Energy from this VPP will provide electricity for the house on which they are installed, and any excess energy generated by the system will automatically feed back into the grid. This dispatched energy will be centrally controlled to meet the needs of the grid, providing additional energy to the rest of the state, when it is required.

If you live in SA and are interested in being part of this project it might be worth taking a look HERE.

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