Photovoltaic Module Cleaning

Why Cindalex?

Regular scheduled cleaning of the PV modules is essential, both to maximise output and revenue, and also to ensure warranty is not compromised by allowing the build-up of contaminants or residue that might damage the panels. 

Cutting-edge technology and equipment
Custom-built to our specifications in Italy.
Panel proximity safety sensors
Keeps your panels in perfect condition
Use of purified and de-ionised water
Prevents the build-up of mineral deposits
Professional and trained operators
Working to our tried and tested systems
Temperature control system
Minimises any risk of thermal shock to the panels
ISO 9001 Quality Certification
Ensures a high standard of systems and service

The importance of clean panels

Certain contaminants may effect the panel manufacturer's warranty
Regular professional cleaning proves that your panels are being maintained as well as possible. 
Significant losses in energy production due to accumulated dust and contaminants 
Depending on the environment, losses in energy production can exceed 25%  after only a few months*
Local conditions may make regular cleaning essential
Particularly sites that are arid, near major highways, factories or agricultural fields or are prone to bird soiling
Even rainwater can leave mineral deposits that can accumulate over time 
We use de-ionised and purified water that will remove mineral deposits as well as dust and hard deposits